Daddy Digs Dick

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Daddy Dale Savage needs the D bad. He cuts right to the chase and gobbles down Joseph's 9 inches all the way to the base. It makes him choke and gag, but he doesn't care because he loves the feeling of his throat being filled and stretched to the limits. When Joseph's dick can't get any more swollen, Dale bends over to let Joseph have his way. Joseph pounds the daddy hole hard, making Dale moan out with each thrust inside. Dale needs it deeper and hops on to take a ride. He bounces on it as his own rock hard cock flops up and down getting him close to the edge. Dale is the first to blow and lets loose a gusher while Joseph keeps a steady pace, still wrecking Dale's hole. After Dale drains his vein on the floor, Joseph pulls out and douses Dale's hungry face and open mouth with buckets of sticky jizz.