Pantry Meat and Cream

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Tyler is hungry for meat and finds what he craves when he hooks up with Matthew in the pantry. Tyler is one cock-hungry slut and doesn't waste a second getting on his knees to service the uber-hung stud in front of him. It's almost too much to cram into Tyler's face but he does his best to get Matthew balls-deep down his hungry throat. Matthew knows how large his dick really is and opens Tyler up with an expanding dildo, pumping it to the max to get Tyler's hole gaping and ready for the monster that's about to destroy his ass. Matthew rams his rod deep into the panting muscle stud beneath him and pounds away until Tyler begs to have his hole filled with cream. Matthew picks up the pace and pounds harder until his cock erupts with a river of cum that slathers Tyler's tight little ass. It's another good day for a hungry cock and a greedy hole.